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Welcome Aboard

Unveiling Our Maritime Legacy - Discover the Vision
and Values of Our Ship Recycling Company

We value Safety

At Baijnath Melaram, we prioritize safety in the labor-intensive ship recycling industry. We take preventive measures to reduce accidents and hazards through a scientific approach.

We value our worker's welfare

At Baijanth Melaram Ship Recycling Yard, worker welfare is our top priority. We prioritize safety, healthcare, fair pay, and professional growth for their satisfaction and our success.

We value our environment

Baijnath Melaram has achieved SOC for HKC, COC for EU SRR, and AP-Moller Maersk RSRS Compliance, progressing towards becoming a Green Ship Recycling Yard.


Baijnath Melaram has achieved SOC for HKC, COC for EU SRR, and AP-Moller Maersk RSRS Compliance, progressing towards becoming a Green Ship Recycling Yard.

Human resource policy

Wages and salary policy

Non-discrimination policy

Forced labour policy

Freedom of Association policy

Equal Employment Opportunity policy

Child Labour and young worker policy

Child labour remediation policy

Roles of the work health and safety officer

Antibribery and anticorruption policy

Fair business and anti-competitive behaviour policy

Hiring recruitment /employment policy

Work hours and over-time policy

Whistleblower policy

 Disciplinary policy

Grievance policy

General WHS policy

Roles and responsibilities

Transportation policy

Forced labour policy

Governance policies

Generation of excellence and innovation

Presenting Our Visionary Management Team

We are thrilled to introduce our exceptional team members who drive our organization forward. Each member brings a unique set of skills, expertise, and dedication to their respective roles. Get to know the talented individuals who contribute to our success and share our commitment to excellence.

Mr. Vinod Kumar Agarwal

Managing Partner

Vinod Agarwal, Managing Partner at Baijnath Melaram, oversees finance and accounting at the Mumbai headquarters. He joined the business in 1977 while pursuing a Business Degree at Mumbai University.

In 1983, Vinod became the youngest Ship Breaker to enter Alang, purchasing vessels directly from ship owners. He expanded operations to Mumbai and founded B Melaram & Sons in 1982 for trading in Iron and Steel products.

Under his leadership, Baijnath Melaram (BM) has recycled numerous Navy vessels and experienced a 20-fold increase in turnover since his tenure began.

In 2014, Vinod ventured into construction with GAJ Reality, completing three projects in Navi Mumbai by 2018 and planning three more by 2020.

Mr. Bhupendra Kumar Agarwal

Managing Partner

Bhupendra Agarwal, a Managing Partner at Baijnath Melaram since 1980, swiftly assumed leadership in Alang, Gujarat, after his brother relocated to Mumbai. Known for his work ethic, he became a top producer of scrap and brought unparalleled efficiency to the company.

His expertise and strong relationships with suppliers and buyers have earned him a stellar reputation in Alang's business community. Bhupendra's vision has steered the company towards sustainable growth amidst rising competition.

Expanding Baijnath Melaram's portfolio, he founded a subsidiary focused on trading recyclable materials. With over 35 years of industry connections, he supplies materials to renowned companies like JSW, Welspun, and Viraj Alloys.

Currently, Bhupendra is expanding his trading operations and aims to become one of India's largest scrap traders and importers by 2020, with ambitious plans for increased volumes.

Mr. Nitesh Agarwal

Managing Partner

Nitesh Agarwal is a partner at Baijnath Melaram, a ship recycling company in India, where he has dedicated 90% of his time to innovating sustainable ship recycling methods. He holds degrees in finance and entrepreneurship from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Bloomington.

Continuing his education at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, Nitesh emphasizes family values in the workplace. Apart from business, he enjoys traveling and embracing diverse cultures.

Nitesh's recent focus has been on enhancing Baijnath Melaram's Ship Recycling facility in Alang, aiming to make it the world's premier green ship recycling yard. Additionally, he is developing a crypto-currency-based portal for the shipping industry to streamline processes.

Mr. Madhur Agarwal

Managing Partner

Madhur serves as the Sales and Operations Manager at Baijnath Melaram Pvt. Ltd., a ship recycling company in Gujarat. Additionally, he is a partner in the group's manufacturing arm, Baijnath Melaram Alloys Pvt Ltd., specializing in aluminum alloy ingots.

As a fourth-generation leader, Madhur upholds the legacy, values, loyalty, and commitment that have propelled the business's growth for over five decades.

With an Economics degree from England, Madhur brings a strong numerical and analytical background to his role, enabling him to make strategic decisions for resource allocation and maximizing operational efficiency.

With over three years of experience in shipbreaking and scrap trading, Madhur is now focused on diversifying and expanding business operations.

Late Shri Baijnathji Hansrajji Bhoduka

Leaving behind his life in Bhiwani, Haryana, in early 1947, he ventured to Bombay to explore new opportunities. Coming from a large joint family with a thriving Ration Store, he sought success in the bustling city of Bombay.

Utilizing his experience from managing a ration store, he began trading Pulses & Katha and swiftly expanded to include Indian spices. Establishing his office in Kalbadevi & Cotton Green Area under the banner of Baijnath Melaram, he ventured into chemical product trading within the same year. His success prompted him to invite his relatives to join him in Bombay, leading to the establishment of a flourishing family business.

With a reputable name in the northern part of India, he attracted numerous family members and businessmen seeking iron and steel products in Mumbai. His ventures expanded to include railway auctions, commission agent services for buyers from Mandi Gobindgarh, and partnerships for recycling contracts for railways and ships. His pioneering spirit led him to purchase Baijnath Melaram’s first vessel in 1972, leaving behind a legacy in the Marwadi community and the Iron and Steel Fraternity before his passing in 1975.

Founder, Great Grand Father

Late Shri Melaramji Baijnathji Agarwal

Born in 1930, Shri Melaramji Agarwal began his entrepreneurial journey at 17 to support his father and family. With a natural inclination towards hard work, he quickly took charge of the family business, enabling their participation in major auctions for dismantling locomotives and ships. A compassionate and sociable individual, he made business decisions alongside his father, Shri Baijnathji.

Over six decades, Shri Melaramji played a pivotal role in the exponential growth of Baijnath Melaram, dedicating over 65 years of his life to building its reputation. Following Shri Baijnathji's passing, he led the family with remarkable entrepreneurial skills, venturing into various businesses before focusing on steel trading and ship recycling.

In 1973, he established a rolling mill and expanded into ship recycling in Mumbai and Alang, making Baijnath Melaram a pioneering name in the industry. His leadership saw the company flourish, becoming a key player in ship recycling until his passing at 87 in Mumbai, leaving behind a legacy and inspiring future generations.

Ex Partner

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